Early Bird sale - until 18 March 49.99 EUR
Regular Price sale - until 21 May 74.99 EUR
Flash sale  24-27 May 74.99 EUR
Late price sale* - until 10 June 99.99 EUR

All price changes will occur at 23:59 Cluj-Napoca local time (UTC+2).  All prices are in Euro. 

* T-shirts are not guaranteed for late sales because of the small timeframe available for preparing them.

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Individual sponsorship

Drupal Developer Days is a non-profit event, gathering together the community to use, develop, design and support the project. Individual sponsorship is a really good way to help and support Drupal Developer Days, so we can make it the perfect place to contribute to the project.

Until 10 June 149.99 EUR*

* The sponsorship includes 1 ticket. 

We will make an official thank you for all of our individual sponsors on the website and at the event (in case you opt in the appearance on listings).

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Refund Policy

Tickets are non-refundable but you can transfer your ticket for free to another person. In order to transfer your ticket, contact us and we will transfer your ticket at no charge. Tickets cannot be transferred once Drupal Developer Days 2019 Transylvania begins.